Privacy Policy

Those who use "1day Schedule" (hereafter this application) will be deemed to have agreed to the conditions described below.

Purpose of using personal information

In this application, we will send you the information of the e-mail address when inquiring by e-mail.

The e-mail address you sent from the customer will be used to inform you of the answer to the question and the necessary information and will not be used elsewhere.

Disclosure of personal information to third parties

In this application, personal information is properly managed and will not be disclosed to a third party unless it falls under the following.

· When there is consent of the principal
· When disclosure is required for cooperation with laws and regulations

About ad delivery

This application uses a third-party advertisement service for advertisement publication.

In order to display advertisements suitable for customers, we may collect and transfer the following IDs of customers' terminals.

For Android: Android advertisement ID (Google Advertising ID)
For iOS: Advertising Identifier (IDFA)

In addition, it is possible to set not to use the above ID for creation of profile and display of personalized advertisement by terminal setting.

Please refer to the following for details.

In addition, this Android advertisement ID can be reset at any time according to the setting of the terminal. In that case, we will not link the new ad ID to the data from the previous ad ID or previous ad ID at all.

About analysis tool

This application uses Google Analytics to grasp usage situation of the service.
The data collected by using Google Analytics is managed based on Google's privacy policy.
Please refer to the Google Analytics website for Google Analytics terms of use and privacy policy.

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When moved from this application to another site or application by link, banner, etc, we are not responsible for any information or services provided at the destination.

We are trying to post as accurate information as possible about the contents and information of this application, but there are also cases where erroneous information enters and information becomes old.

Please understand that we can not assume any responsibility for damages caused by contents posted in this application.

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